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Altoids Survival Kit - Living Survival

We're featuring another video about the construction of an Altoids Survival kit. This one is from a channel called 'Living Survival'.

NOTE - You can also find our own Dart Frong Wilderness Survival Altoids survival kit video HERE .

Here is the kit from Living Survival:

Our Thoughts

We thought his inclusion of hemp wick was really neat. It is a waxy cord that burns like a candle. It was wrapped around the lighter. It can be partly unwrapped and then lit so that it will continue burning without using up the fuel from the lighter. It can then be used to reach into hard to get places. This makes it easier to reach through a pile of kindling to light tinder.

The Leatherman Micra was a good choice but I think it would have been better to include the Leatherman Squirt PS4 instead. The Micra has scissors instead of pliers. The Squirt PS4 has pliers. The scissors could be useful but definitely not as useful as the pliers.

The sun screen probably isn't the most important thing to carry in most situations. I would have left it out especially considering the limited space in the kit. To be fair, I could see there being situations where it could be important such as being stranded in the desert with clothing that doesn't cover all parts of the body. It could also be really nice if you were stuck on a life raft without shade.

The kit included a dental floss pick. This is just a small tool with about half an inch of floss and a toothpick end. It doesn't even give you a good length of floss that could be used as cordage. It is compact so it isn't a big deal to include it but it also isn't an important survival tool either.

The kit was missing a means to purify water. It should have included water purification tablets and some type of container to hold water (plastic bag).

What he included: