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List of Wilderness Survival Tools

This is meant to be a list of tools and supplies that are useful in a survival situation. This is not a compact list of the few most critical things that you might pack in a mini survival kit. This is a big list of all of the different things you might want in a survival situation. This does overlap with regular camping or hiking gear but is not meant to be a list of general camping equipment. We are specifically focusing on things that are important for survival.

All of these things are important. Some are more important than others. Depending on the circumstances, the importance of any one tool can go up or down dramatically. For example, if you are in the desert, water suddenly becomes the most important thing to have. If you are stuck out in a snowy environment, in the freezing cold, suddenly warm clothing becomes way more important. Always consider the specific circumstances.

Cutting Tools

These are some of the more important tools to have at your disposal in a survival situation. Most survival skills will hinge on the use of a cutting tool in one way or another. These can even supplement other things such as fire building tools if you have the skill to use them properly. For example, a knife can be used to notch wood in just the right way to allow for building a fire without matches or a lighter.

Fire Building Tools

Having something to start a fire with is critical. It may be less critical if you know how to start a fire with what you find on the ground outside (IF you have the skills) but it is still really important. Fire building is a core wilderness survival skill. Fire starting tools are either the most or second most important type of tool to carry.

Clothing and Warmth

The cloths you wear can have a big impact on how well you do. Depending on the environment, your cloths can mean the difference between life and death. Wear the appropriate things for the situation. Know the advantages and disadvantages of each item of clothing. Do you want synthetic or natural? Should you pick something made of wool, cotton, or polyester? These all make a huge difference.

Food and Water

Food and water really important if you like staying alive. In general, you can survive three days without water and three weeks without food. Obviously, water is a priority. Remember, just because you can theoretically last a certain amount of time without food or water doesn’t mean that you will. You are also not going to be functioning 100% if you are starving or severely dehydrated.

Regular Important Stuff

There are many other tools that don’t necessarily fit into one of the categories above. Some of them are still very important and shouldn’t be overlooked. None of these should be overlooked especially the first aid kit.