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Pro-Tip: Don’t drink these, they won’t help:

Water Sources

Note on Dirty Water - Dirty water can be really dangerous. Don't drink directly from a lake, pond, river, or other body of water. Besides contracting life threatening viral or bacterial diseases, you can acquire all sorts of really messed up parasites. These include leaches, flukes, worms, and more. Leeches can latch onto the inside of your throat and nasal passage to suck blood. Flukes can get into your bloodstream. These parasites generally don’t just go away either.

Scooped from a lake, pond, river, etc. - You need to purify it. Use these methods:

Cactus Water - Many species of cactus contain water that you can drink. WARNING - Don’t eat the pulp.

Banana Tree - Cut it down. The stump will fill up with water from the roots. Cover it to keep bugs out. It will produce water for days. The first three fillings will taste bad.

Plant Bag - You can tie a plastic bag around a plant and let moisture accumulate on the inside of the bag. Make sure they aren’t poisonous.

Snow or Ice - Melt these first. Drink them warm so they don’t bring down your body temperature wasting calories. If the ice or snow was dirty, like say the ice was formed on top of a puddle or lake or something, boil it first.

Rain Water - This can be caught in a tarp, poncho, or emergency blanket.

Spring Water - Water from a natural spring is OK to drink directly so long as you are sure that it is really coming from a spring.

Sea Water